What We Do

Since 1985, we have led the effort to get youth out of the “street life” and into a safe environment where staff work with youth to empower them and change their future story.  We have worked tirelessly to address the social issue of human trafficking and child exploitation for over 30 years.

Our Mission

Safe Inc. of Schenectady exists to provide outreach, shelter, counseling, and supportive services to runaway homeless youth who are sexually exploited or trafficked.

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

Ben Franklin

What We’ve Achieved

  • Safe Inc. of Schenectady began with one outreach program, Project Safe, in 1985.
  • We have grown to have many different programs to assist youth and young adults.
  • Since 1985, Safe has served over 8,000 youth and young adults.
  • Safe House, our youth shelter, serves 200 plus youth a year.
  • Safe House provides respite to youth and families.

  • We provide a Life Skills program to young adults ages 18-35 to help them obtain and maintain safe and stable housing.
  • Safe was granted an Aftercare Program that allows us to work with young teens and their families before they get involved in street life.
  • Safe has been the only Emergency Youth Shelter and Outreach program in the area that has focused on sexually exploited and trafficked youth.