Spring 2020 appeal letter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is an urgent appeal. Homeless youth in our area are vulnerable to Coronavirus exposure and possible infection. Breaking the cycle of youth homelessness and sexual exploitation is not unlike “Flattening the Curve”, a term referring to measures to keep Coronavirus cases at a manageable level. Now with an unprecedented rate of unemployment, we can expect an increase in the numbers of youth without shelter. Please support our shelter, Safe House, in its efforts to serve our youth who need emergency shelter, food and a myriad of services.

Our agency, Safe Inc. of Schenectady, is a key player in helping to mitigate youth homelessness and combat the impending dangers facing our youth who have nowhere to turn and no families to embrace or support them. At Safe Inc. we have always addressed complex needs associated with not having a safe shelter, i.e. substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies, sex-trafficking; and now, a new peril looms: the threat of the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

If ever there were a time to support Schenectady County’s ONLY shelter for homeless youth, it is now!

Please give. Help us protect our youth ages 16-20 who are among the vulnerable during this crisis.
Teens and young adults who are on the streets, homeless, sexually exploited and/or in an abusive relationship now may be unable to protect themselves from COVID-19.
Your dollars will support:

  • Providing shelter for youth who need beds, meals, counseling, and other support services
  • Funding to strengthen staff training on topics of infection control, sanitation, nutrition, etc.
  • Protecting our youth and staff! Safe is partnering with Schenectady County Department of Social Services, NY Office of Child and Family Services, and Ellis Hospital to improve health and hygiene for our residents, our shelter staff, their families and the residents.

For more than 30 years, Safe Inc. of Schenectady has provided services to combat youth homelessness and sex-trafficking. Now we face a different kind of predator. We urgently ask for your support.

With gratitude,
Nettie Crossman,
President, Safe Inc. of Schenectady
Spring 2020 Appeal
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