Hotel warning signs for child sex trafficking

For the Lobby Staff:

1. Room paid for with cash or rechargeable credit card
2. Individuals leaving room infrequently, not at all, or at odd hours
3. Extended stay with few or no personal possessions
4. Patron requesting information or access to adult services or to local sex industry
5. Non-guest minors who are dropped off at the hotel or visit repeatedly over a period of time; patron with minor who was not identified Of present at check-in
6. Few or no personal possessions carried in small or plastic bags
7. Minor with patron late at night or during school hours (and not on vacation)
8. Patron appears with a minor that he did not come with originally
9. Room is rented hourly, less than a day, or for an abnormally long-term stay; guests continue to extend visit day by day
10. Room rented has fewer beds than patrons
11. Patrons not forthcoming about full names, home addresses, or vehicle information when registering
12. Excessive number of people staying in a room
13. Registered for an extended stay with few Of no personal possessions
14. Individuals checking into room have no identification
15. Individuals hanging out in lobby, hallways, or outside of the room, or appearing to monitor an area


For Housekeeping Staff:

16. “Do Not Disturb” sign used constantly
17. Excessive foot traffic in and out of a room (Of rooms rented by the same person)
18. Overly smelly room (cigarettes, marijuana, sweat, bodily fluids, musk, etc.)
19. Excessive use of hotel computers for adult oriented websites
20. Rentals of pornography when children are staying in the room
21. Requesting rooms that have a “sight” advantage (i.e. second floor rooms to be able to see cars coming in and out of the parking lot, etc.)
22. Excessive amounts of cash in the room
23. Car of patron in parking lot regularly parked backward, so license plate can’t be read from lot
24. Children’s items or clothing but no child registered with the room
25. Excessive amounts of alcohol, illegal drugs, or sex paraphernalia in rooms, condoms in mass quantity, and/or garbage cans containing many used condoms
26. Refusal of cleaning services for multiple days, especially when excessive linens or amenities are requested
27. Minibar in need of restocking constantly, especially with children staying in room
28. Constant flow of men to room at all hours
29. Provocative clothing and shoes found in room
30. Minors left alone in room for long periods of time
31. Shades Of curtains always drawn on outward facing room
32. Presence of photography equipment (cameras, video cameras, etc.) in room
33. Orders room services or amenities, but refuses access to room for delivery
34. Presence of multiple computers, cell phones, pagers, credit card swipes, or other technology
35. Excessive amounts of personal hygiene products (lubrication, douches, etc.)


About the Guests and Patrons:

36. Individuals appear distressed, coerced, Of injured
37. Individuals don’t have access to their own ID, cell phone, or money
38. Individuals may have a lack of knowledge about current/ past whereabouts, exhibits loss of sense of time
39. Minors may not know the names of the individuals with whom they are traveling
40. Dressed inappropriate for age, has lower quality clothing than companions, Or is wearing clothing inappropriate for weather conditions or surroundings
41. No freedom of movement or constantly monitored; avoids interaction with others
42. Averts, eyes or does not make eye contact, especially with a “boyfriend”
43. Appears to be with a significantly older “boyfriend” or in the company of older males
44. Treated in a demeaning or aggressive manner or evidence of verbal threats
45. Injuries/ signs of physical abuse or torture, such as bruises, burns, scars, and/or malnourishment
46. Patrons or minors have suspicious tattoos, marks, or branding, especially on girls (i.e. a tattoo of the trafficker’s name, or that reflects money or ownership; two or more individuals with the same tattoo/ mark; tattoos on the hands, neck and face)
47. Minor taking on adult roles or behaving older than actual age (paying bills, requesting services, etc.)
48. Minor(s) traveling with patron give signs of poor hygiene, fatigue, and/or sleep deprivation
49. Claims of being an adult although appearance suggests adolescent features
50. At continental breakfast (if applicable), minor has a noticeably large appetite, or is eating ravenously