Case Referral

Case Referral Process

Kristin Pietrocarlo, Safe Harbour Program Coordinator

Safe Harbour Case Manager

Case Referral Process
  • Upon receipt of the email, the Safe Harbour Coordination Team will reach out to
    the caseworker/supervisor within 24 hours.
  • The Safe Harbour Coordination Team will discuss with the worker: basic information of the
    child and the reason for Safe Harbour referral. The discussion will include what are and could
    be some of the possible outcomes.
  • The Safe Harbour Case Manager will schedule and conduct a screening within 48 hours.
  • CPS/CS worker will document the outcome of the interview in the case record.
  • If not a Safe Harbour case, follow up referrals, etc. will be provided to the client by the worker.
  • Closing of Safe Harbour to be documented in the case record.
  • Worker to notify Director of outcome of the case.

***When an agency other than Schenectady County DSS or Safe Inc. of Schenectady
has identified a potential Safe Harbour case, they will inform their organization, and follow
the same guidelines.